• Airports
    Airports Airports are one the largest public locations where security is of the utmost importance. HD Video Surveillance is a key component in securing our air
  • Fuel Stations
    Fuel Stations Today your local fuel station and mini-marts are one of the top locations for accidents, drive-offs, armed robbery and retail theft. NSTs HD CCTV syst
  • High Rise
    High Rise Hotels, apartments, shopping malls, office buildings and shopping centers are among the few that are switching to HD CCTV to protect customers and ten
  • Casinos
    Casinos NST Tribrid Systems are excellent for casino environments.  Casino systems are robust, flexible and powerful for capturing existing analog video    
  • Nuclear Power Stations
    Nuclear Power Stations When high security is required, NST provides a truly scalable system that outperforms the competition.  Stunning HD video archiving paired with a wide


NST's powerful DVR, NVR, Hybrid and TriBrid systems allow you to scale to any size. Our systems our found in bars, restaurants, hotels, apartments, manufacturing, governemnt, educational, casino and large facilities. Read more:

HD and 4K Security Cameras

NEW HD / HD-SDI 1080p and 4K Security Camera offer amazing  images ranging from 1080p to 4K. Cameras are available in 2MP, 1080p, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP and 12MP models with easy upgrades of existing installations.  You can visit our webstore for more information

HDv4 Cameras

National Security Technologies just released it's line of 2MP, 1080p, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP and 12MP  HD Security Cameras.  Stunning resolution, longer distances and faster frame rate make this in excellent choice for new and existing installations.  There is no need for costly IP camera infrastructure upgrades and poor network performance. The new HDv4 allows up to 4MP over coax.  The new line meets strict security standards with it's homerun architecture.

About us

NST was the first company to utilize H.264 5 years before competitors. We offer quality products to trained professionals. You will not find our products in big box stores as we promote quality above all else.

How to find us



NST provides enterprise grade video surveillance products to authorized dealers only!

Many customers make the assumption that all products with a similar name are the same across the board. You will not see lower grade products sold in retail stores or carried by non-certified technicians.

Dealers undergo training and certification so they can provide the best products and support to the customer. NST Dealers must be a reputable company with a minimum 5 Years in the industry installing and servicing customers.

If you are a customer interested in National Security products, please contact your local dealer for more information.


Thank you for your understanding.